Friday, December 4, 2015

Screaming Pugs Have Gone Viral On YouTube

For the past two weeks in math we've started a new project. The project was called the YouTube project. What we did was we would pick a topic to look up on YT, then we would pick twenty-five videos from that topic and record each videos views, likes, dislikes, subscribers and date it was posted. For this project you could pick partners but that means we would have to find fifty videos rather than twenty-five. My partner and I chose the topic of screaming pugs. So when we started we had about ten minutes to work. We started on Wednesday and it was due Friday. Over these three days we also had to finish our other projects for physics and humanities so my partner and I were mostly focusing on that. On Friday we still didn't have it done. By math time we just remembered we had to do it. That was our/my mistake. I shouldn't have put it off till the last minute, by doing this I almost didn't finish before class. It was also bad because my partner had to do some of his physics/humanities project so I had to find forty screaming pug videos on my own. If we had done it earlier we could've finished together. I learned to not things off till the last minute. When I do that I'll end up forgetting about it util I find out it's due that day. Next time I'll look back and work on it as soon as possible.

Monday, November 30, 2015

"The Making My Own Project" Project

This week we had a chance to make our own project that would incorporate what we have learned from Ralph Waldo Emerson nature text in humanities. I didn't know what I wanted to do for my project so I ended up joining another group. They were going to make a picture show showing what they learned from Emerson's text. I thought it was a cool idea. So for the first week we were writing a summary about a chapter from Emerson and what pictures we should take that would go with the summary. I wrote about the chapter of commodity. Writing these summaries were the only thing we were going to do for this week, the problem was we didn't really think of what to do the next week. At the end of the week we had a meeting with our teachers about what we have done this week and what we need to do next week. We weren't really that prepared. We easily explained what we did the current week but we weren't really thinking of what to do the next week. So that next week my group and I didn't really do anything the first day. That was my mistake. I should've given more thought about what we should do the following week. By not figuring out what we could do we didn't get a lot of work done that week. Next time I need to think ahead, but I should also learn to not just think ahead one week but actually plan the whole thing before I start working.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Parallax Mistakes

Within the past two weeks, my class was introduced to a new project know as the parallax project. For this project we would have to pick a still image representing something that is very important to us and make a video showing the parallax effect. For example, for my special place I chose to do some baseball fields in Mira Mesa. I chose this because I grew up playing on this baseball field since I was in first grade. I had some of my great and some of my not so great memories there. I was really excited to do this project. At first we had no idea how to use Adobe After Effects, (The program we were using to make the parallax on) so we had to make a practice parallax on someone else. The picture we were doing a practice on had a person running with a football in her hand. It was a long process because it was a lot of cutting the thing you want to move out in Photoshop and going back to AAE (Also known as Adobe After Effects). It was very hard to make it because of all the different kinds of tools you had to adapt to. One mistake was putting something off and forgetting to do that task later. So there is a tool known as the puppet tool, it was a very interesting tool that moves any kind of body part however you want. When I used it I made sure to make the person's arm and back leg move. When it moved I noticed that the background wasn't filled behind the person I was moving. I forgot that I needed to do that earlier because I put it off till later. I thought that it wasn't that big a deal at first because I could fix it on Photoshop and it should save on AAE. I quickly fixed it and then saved it. The problem was AAE crashed while trying to save the fixes I made on Photoshop. I also forgot to save AAE so I had to redo the whole thing. I learned that I shouldn't put things off because you will forget about it and it will effect you later. Also save your work frequently because technology is unreliable.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Graphing Our Initials

Last week we were working problem number seven in math. Problem number seven was graphing our initials on an online graphing calculator called Desmos. First thing we had to do was to graph it on a piece of graph paper. Once we finished that we had to find an equation for each line we graphed. This was the hardest part for me because it was so time consuming. It was took about two hours to completely find all of the equations. There were a lot of mistakes I made while doing this, I wrote a lot of equations wrong and of rewriting them just to find out it was wrong again. After a long time I finally got all of them right. After we found the equation for each line we had to graph it on Desmos. This part was where I realized I made most of my mistakes finding the equations. My lines were off and it was really frustrating trying to fix them. We also had to graph the lines to look just like my initials (J and S). When I finally finished I realized that it was late so I made sure to turn it in to get credit. So if you didn't catch it, my mistake was writing some of the equations wrong. It was really upsetting having to fix it over and over again to the point where I almost gave up on it. I just had to suck it up and do that best that I could do. I learned that when solving a problem you're going to make a lot of mistakes while doing, but if you keep trying you'll eventually get the right answer. I next time should learn to manage my stress so that I could keep working and not come close to giving up.

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Long Now Project

For the past few weeks we have been working on a project called "The Long Now." (Link to what this final product looks like: For this project we have been making a cube that tells a story about a civilization of squirrels forming a community and eventually their civilization fell to blue jays (Because we were going to put it in High Tech Elementary so it had to be kid friendly). We were going to put the cube inside the new elementary school but out of the blue they rejected the cube for safety reasons. It was very disappointing when we heard the news because we have been working on it for a long time. After a while we decided to showcase our project at Makers fair to draw attention to people who might want to take the cube off our hands. One day before Makers Fair we had to take apart the cube and take load it into a van to take to the fair (The cube was 60in. by 60in.). During that time our teacher made some of us help take apart the cube and the rest of the students work on math of humanities. I was one of the students working on finish up work. Once I finished my work I ended up hanging out with some friends in class rather than help with the cube. I wouldn't really do anything productive after I finish what I needed to finish. I eventually got called by Scott to help with taking apart the cube. I then realized that I should have asked for help because there was a lot more that I could have done than sit around not doing anything. My mistake was not helping out with the cube because it looked like the teacher could need all the help he could get. I learned that it's okay to hang out with some of your friends for a little bit, but you also go to remember that you have work to do so I should ask the teacher if he needs help. Next time I need to make sure that I remind myself to help and go above and beyond.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Week One (Mistakes, Learning and Growth)

This week in math we didn't really do anything that was really math related, we mainly focused on mistakes, learning and growing. On the first day of school, we were mostly just figuring out peoples names. Our math teacher was trying to name everyone in the class, once in a while he would get a mistake. He told us that learning is dependent on mistakes, what that means is that to learn something you need to have mistakes. On Tuesday, we were learning how to write our names in Arabic. At first no one knew why we had to this. I could tell from what I saw that most people had made a lot of mistakes and were frustrated. I also made a lot of mistakes while writing my name in Arabic. I spelt my name backwards, unconnected, etc. It was a very challenging process because this was a brand new language to me. Eventually I came to what I thought was correct. At the end of class, he showed us what our names would like, so we compared it to what we had. Most people's names looked like it was correct Arabic writing. He then told us that by making a lot of mistakes and learning from them, we learned how to write one of the hardest languages in the world. I learned that learning is dependent on mistakes, you may make a lot of mistakes but you can't give up or you're not going to learn. That was the main focus of this week and we learned that learning is dependent on mistakes.